Why posting on the iNat Forum is the best way to spend your time!

I hope you don’t feel bad about this! Human connection is one of the most important things in life! :heart:

Have you heard of The Harvard Study? It shows that building relationships is incredibly valuable:

“The Grant Study is an 85-year continuing study at Harvard Medical School, started in 1938 . . . its main conclusion is that the warmth of relationships throughout life has the greatest positive impact on life satisfaction. Men who thrived in their relationships at 50, were more physically healthy at 80 years old . . .”

Engaging with the iNat community by posting on the forum is not just a fun way to connect and share your passion. It can actually prolong your life, reduce disease, and even increase your income! :muscle: :money_mouth_face: :wink:


Wow! I didn’t know that! I’ll have to check in more often then. :stuck_out_tongue:


Moved this to Forum Feedback as it’s not about iNaturalist but about the forum.


I’d like more income! Tell me more! ;-)


The iNat Forums have changed my behavior and routine. They are essentially my only online discussion activity now, especially since I determined to cut back on screen time. Instead of endlessly scrolling past “sponsored” and “recommended for you” social media posts looking for the increasingly scarce posts by family and friends, I have this source of discussions that mean something important to me and where the amount of activity is limited enough to have a daily endpoint. The iNat Forums are my means of decompressing while I transition out of my workday.


Exactly the same for me also.
But yes

I never joined in any Social media Chat Platform (FB, Insta, WhatsApp Group). Of course, it is my personal choice only. All such platforms have many many positive aspects also including possibility of increasing my Income. But If the same can also be achieved here, I will spend some more time here, cutting the other Income-generating time. Hahaha.


From The Harvard Study: “Financial success depends on warmth of relationships, not on intelligence. Those who scored highest on measurements of “warm relationships” earned an average of $141,000 a year more at their peak salaries (usually between ages 55 and 60).”

When you choose a career in nature, it can be deeply rewarding, because you get to follow your passion. It doesn’t always offer the highest financial rewards, but the happiness and the sense of purpose that you get could be priceless! :wink: