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I’m rather new here, so I hope this questions fits here. I just found out how to get a widget with my latest observations to include on a website. Now I wondered if it is possible to have another widget next to it, where observations of taxa from a iNaturalist list are shown. E.g., endemic species or other species of interest. Currently, the lists appear to be not working, but as soon as this is fixed I’d like to have such a widget where observations of certain taxa are shown based on a list.
Is this possible? If so, how can I get this widget?

iNatuarlist’s standard widget displays observations for a given user, place, or project. so if you want to use that standard widget, i think the closest you can get is to create a project that mimics the list, and then display the observations in that project.

otherwise, it is possible to query by list:

and then if you are able to do some coding, you could make your own widget using the API. for example: https://jumear.github.io/stirfry/iNat_observation_grid_widget.html?list_id=111820&rows=4&columns=3&place_id=57482

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