Wiki - Common North American Noctuid Moth Identification

Visual guide to identifying some common Noctuid moth characteristics. Noctuid moths mostly have the same general features used for identification. The moths can vary amazingly in their general colouration and modifications of these features. I thought I would make a visual guide to the general features of these moths, as well as address features of individual common moths that I often find misidentified. All the links lead to my journal. If this is too awkward, please let me know.

General ID features: A visual guide to the most common features used to identify Noctuid moths.

Mythimna unipuncta: There only two Mythimna species in North America. This is one of them. There are moths in the same genus outside NA that look basically like this, so this is only for North America.

Mythimna oxygala: This is the second Mythimna sp. Very different from it’s sister species, but the three black dots are easy to see. I also find this one to be frequently misidentified.

Agrotis ipsilon:

Feltia spp.

A confusing Genus. These are the four most common species, often mis-identified:
Feltia jaculifera:
Feltia herilis:
Feltia subgothica/tricosa

Peridroma saucia