Wild organisms cultured in a lab / additional photos?

We have collected some wild microcrustaceans and are attempting to culture them in aquaria (in a university lab). If we still have the same (wild) individuals in the lab, can we take additional photos with better resolution to help with identification?


Of course! If they grow or change significantly, I would suggest new, captive observations linked back to the original.


I had a similar question for dealing with organisms (galls) which I had collected while hiking and brought home to hatch and observe. The responses in that thread will probably answer your questions:

Seeking guidelines for hatched insect galls on plants, 2021-04-04


The cleanest procedure here is to make a wild observation at the date and time of capture. It makes sense to take clearer pictures once it’s captured and you can access better views/equipment. If there’s been little change in the organisms and little time has passed, just add the pic to the initial observation. If there’s been growth/change, it should be a fresh observation with updated time/location, marked captive, which can be linked from the original as supporting evidence of the ID.


Thanks - I’ve added new observations marked as “casual” / captive but linked to the initial observations. I’m reasonably sure they are the same individuals, though we are looking for reproduction as well.


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