ID Workshop: Somewhat More Advanced Unknowns and Life

Hello everyone!
I offered some time ago to give workshops on identification. Here I am. This is part of a series; I will be focusing on more general identification skills during January and February, and then transition to more specialized classes later on.

Announcing – Somewhat More Advanced Unknowns and Life!

There will be at least two workshops. They will take place during the 2nd and/or 3rd week of January, with final dates to be determined based upon the availability of the participants and/or workshop leaders. At least one will be some point between Jan. 8-11 (likely the weekend).
If you are interested but don’t know your schedule yet, please sign up any way and let me know in the form comments, or here, that you’d like me to get back to you later.

This workshop will be about an hour long, and will include a lesson and many examples. If we have enough time, or you want to stay afterwards, we can do supervised practice as well.
There will likely be at least one workshop over Zoom and one over Discord, but let me know what works for you and we’ll figure it out.

There is also an ID Workshop: Unknowns for Beginners. That one is significantly shorter, and focuses more on how to ID in this category; this workshop focuses more on the IDs themselves.

What you need to know in advance

  • How to add an ID in general
  • Very, very basic taxonomy (what the Kingdoms are)
  • What the Data Quality Assessment is

What will be covered:

  • Identification on the website
  • tips for efficiency
  • DQA use
  • help distinguishing several tricky categories, including:
    beach life
    non-vascular plants
    fungi and slime molds
    plant infections
  • and more

What won’t be covered

  • most vascular plants – there will be a separate set of workshops for plants
  • vertebrates
  • advanced beach life (may be a different workshop if I can find a co-instructor)
  • sea life (may be a different workshop if I can find an instructor)
  • microorganisms (may be a different workshop if I can find an instructor)
  • basic IDing functionality

OK! Where do I sign up?
sign up here!
The form includes optional questions on your current knowledge. While you don’t have to fill them out, if you do, it will help me a lot and make your experience much better.

I can’t make it ):
I’ll probably record one of the workshops. tbd.

This sounds a bit too advanced…
Try ID Workshop: Unknowns for Beginners (signup and questions)

I want to help!
Yay! Thank you! Please send me a direct message.


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