World Map Representation: is Mercator the most adequate for iNat?

Hi everyone,
the world map representation used by iNat (when you look at Obs. displayed per Map, instead of Grid or List), is the Mercator Projection. You might have noticed that Greenland is bigger than South America. And Alaska bigger than Brazil. And Antartica is … huge.
This distorts very much the reality. Anyway, all representations distort it (projection of a sphere on a flat area).
My point is: is not another representation more adequate for the needs of iNat?
I’ve looked at some, but without a conclusion:

Any suggestion?


web Mercator (EPSG: 3857) is the de facto standard for mapping on the web. most basemap tiles are created using web Mercator. so unless you’re going to create and host your own, it’s easier to use what’s most readily available.

if you want to use alternate projections, you can get them indirectly via GBIF, which in addition to 3857, also serves up basemap and occurrence (aka observation) tiles in 4326, in addition to Arctic and Antarctic projections. see


Arno Peters is an equal area projection, which gives a more honest ((less colonial)) size to Africa

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Hi @jdwidness Thanks for the cartoon, great add!