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I was curious if anyone knows if there’s a reason why there’s a little blip on the North America map in the Greenland Sea, halfway between Greenland and Svalbard. I know it could be just an error, but if there’s a legitimate reason, I’d be interested in knowing. I couldn’t find an island there on Google Maps, nor does one appear visible on iNaturalist.

Almost certainly an error related to the prime meridian.



It may be in the way the tiles overlap.
Google uses WGS 1984 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere) or sometimes called WGS 84/Pseudo-Mercator (a variant of the Mercator map projection).
Basically they assume that the Earth is a sphere.

Thanks. That is interesting and it doesn’t seem to have been solved, unfortunately. Nor was the Wake Island problem discussed in any real detail. Hopefully, that’ll get fixed at some point.

@tiwane or one of the staff will have to say whether they looked at the thing at all and whether they determined a problem exists or not. even if there is a problem, it’s possible they won’t make any changes except as part of some future larger effort to update “standard places” (as they did several years back), as it could have a major impact on the way the records are stored in the system.

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