Wrong common name

Today I noticed a falsely attributed common names in the taxonomy tab by chance. It says the family Armadillidiidae (pill bugs) is called “Landassel” in German. But Landassel is a more general word for all sorts of woodlice (Oniscidea). This could lead to confusion. I added common names Rollassel and Kugelassel, but is it possible to remove the wrong one? Also I’m not sure but I thought “slaters” is connected to Ligia or am I wrong?

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Welcome to the forum @fuerchtegott! It looks like a curator has already taken care of removing “Landassel” from the German names for Armadillidiidae.

For future reference, the preferred way to handle questions like this is directly on the taxon page, click the Curation dropdown at right, select Flag for Curation, and describe the issue in a flag, so that a site curator can address it. That would be the way to pursue your question about the applicability of “slaters” to this taxon if you wish to, so I am going to close this forum topic. Thank you for helping to improve iNaturalist!