You know you're seriously into iNat when

Rest areas are great places too! I have picked up dozens of lifers stopping there.


…When your sister gives you a twenty-five minute lecture during the drive up on why you shouldn’t hang around in the campsite bathrooms taking photos of moths, ending with trying to wrangle a promise out of me to not do it, and if I absolutely have to, could I at least please wait until most people have gone to bed.
(Fortunately for her, but genuinely upsetting for me, it was a bit later in the year than we usually go and there were very, very few moths or butterflies to be found overall)


…when it takes you Five Hours to walk 2.25 miles…


… you have a crazy idea to go to a totally un interesting village area 150 km from here because there is a big blank spot on the map of observations

… you vaguely remember some dreams with creatures to photograph, but of course you lost your equipment and somehow you lose the place itself, because this is how dreams work

… you keep telling people to upload on iNaturalist some nice photos of birds, because why would they waste such awesome observations

… you always carry a small camera in your handbag

… you walk 2 km/h instead of 5 km/h on hikes, because you have to take photos

… a dead mouse? why not, you have to take photographs from all sides


…you happily enjoy crouching for SEVERAL minutes over a smelly pile of poo …. Photographing (and video!) a slug… oh, that hurts getting up.


…you can’t have any non-plant photos on your phone because they all get accidentally deleted or worse…uploaded to Inat.


Oh! You reminded there’s a big pile of poop (not dog; maybe bear?) in my backyard I should go check out, now that it’s a few days old. Maybe there will be dung beetles of some sort - how exciting!

ETA: Nobody there except some tiny flies that wouldn’t sit still enough I could photograph them. I’ll try again in a week.


Sometimes flipping it over or poking it apart attracts new attention too. (My friends think I shouldn’t know that…)


… you literally have a dream about the iNat forum and you know it’s the iNat forum (only it’s not b/c dreams…) because you see a post by @tiwane.


If I see a roadkill animal, I’m planning a way to go grab it (for the skull) without looking creepy, although there’s a good chance that if I’m talking to a person they know I collect bones already X-D

And yes, I had a dream about iNat last night!!!


…you try to convince everyone you know to download iNat


I had friends call me to remove skeletons from their garage… and tell me when they see roadkill they think of me…


I love this idea! But I have searched and can’t find the map you are referring to. Is it a map for all observations of a certain area, or only a map of locations where you have made observations?

Nevermind, I found the map button! (Yes, I’m a little slow. Sorry.)

Those are great friends you have :-) I love it when I’m at someone’s house and they’re like “Oh Gianna, there’s a cool skull in the yard”

With roadkill, you never know what you’ll get, sometimes the skull gets completely crushed,(even if the animal got hit in the torso or leg) which is too bad.


If you ever have a small dead animal, put a plant pot over it and wait overnight. You’ll get lots of neat beetle species that you won’t usually see, like the American carrion beetle, and dermestids!


Oh my goodness, there was a dead eastern phoebe and I did exactly this!

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I know someone who takes great photos of plants, galls, fungi, and slime molds that I can’t get because I can’t walk as far down the trail as him. I can’t convince him to upload his photos to iNat. I will wear him down eventually!


When I started dreaming in Facebook feeds, I knew I was spending too much time online.


…when you take a picture of a mosquito with your smartphone while it is biting you in the left arm: