You know you're seriously into iNat when

… When your friends and family send you pictures via text for you to identify. I got about 8 photos last week! I keep trying to get them on Inaturalist but they don’t want to. I will never stop asking!


… when your outings are more about what plants you’ll see than who you’ll be with


But I see immediately a member of Rhaphidiidae. Hey, I hardly ever find them, and you do not even mention it!


Many have been active this week, so it’s not as exciting anymore. Beautiful insects, of course

Hey, you’ve got a snakefly there, which is a pretty good night already.

But that was true even before I started in iNaturalist.

Another iNaturalist dream, lol
I see a tapeworm on the ground, and then several others. They look more like colorful ribbons, quite pretty. I’m sure my cat has just lost them there. Tapeworms? Why not, parasites can be interesting observations, where is my camera?
Why don’t real tapeworms look like those ones :joy:


Today the wife and I were deciding on a place to get brunch with friends, and she floated two restaurants. They both sounded good so I chose the one where I didn’t have any iNat observations nearby yet.


I’ll confess to doing the opposite and deciding where to go birding on a given day based on which sandwich shop or baraque à frites I fancy.


If you uploaded it, please do (feel free, no pressure) add it to the project for abandoned buildings. I’m the only person who has added anything to it so far (the other observers were added by myself), which I kinda anticipated. I have a weird hobby and interest in that stuff. But this is my first time encountering someone “in the wild” who went to an abandoned place to make observations. So, it’d be cool if you did. But again, no pressure. Just would make this old man happy, that’s for sure.


One of the perks of my spot is there is a really good cafe right on the side of the river where a ton of birds gather so I can bird while I eat lunch


When you stop sweeping the living room floor because you see the house spider in the (outdoor) window corner is having “lunch” and you MUST photograph it!


When you accidentally bump the messy webbing scaring the spider to sit below egg sac, and now sit and wait patiently for it to return to prey…. The other alternative is to go back inside to finish the work and check on her later, but no! This is iNat!


the other humans are watching daytime talk shows and reading the “10 fastest/bestest/cheapest/easiesy ways/things/tricks/tips/cures to (whatever) your life” in awful mind-sucking magazines

If Cosmo ran an article about “top 10 sexiest Carex ID moves”, I would totally buy it.


Been there done both of those!

Then I got concerned, she hadn’t eaten for two days… today there is a new egg sac!

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Pretty! I need to do this again.

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Someone in my college class likes abandoned buildings too! I will show this to them :-)

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Why did I read this as “Photographer Yoda”

I have a huuuuuge backlog (from my son) and I prioritize that over my own huuuuuge backlog, which includes a lot of “urbex” observations. Right now all of mine are buildings I’ve driven by, rather than the many I’ve gone into. They’re cooler on the inside but I like the outsides of them, too, so I try to go past ones I know about when I can. Hopefully by the time I get to uploading some of them someone else (like your friend, who must be cool since they like things I like…) has shared some, too! :grimacing:

Oh! You’ve seen me!!! :joy:

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