0 observations but 1 identifier

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Out of curiosity I looked for some observations regarding human beings and the result is that there are none … but this is not the problem (also why should we observe ourselves?) But the problem is that there is an identifier !!
So I think how it is possible that without observation there is an identifier that has identified 394 human beings in Italy and more in the world.
what happens?

There’re tons of human observations, they’re just casual and not shown on taxon page, identifiers and observers and some other stuff on taxon page takes a lot of time to update and can be buggy.


Observations of Homo sapiens get marked Casual grade as soon as they are identified, so they won’t show up on the taxon page. However, the identifications do show up, although they are sometimes bugged. It’s weird. I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.


This also happens for a lot of other species. You can appear as being an identifier on the species page if you id any observation as that species. But unless the community id is that species, that observation will not appear on the species page.

Edit: For instance, that is how I am the top identifier of Cylindrostethus, but there are 0 observations.