Observation with identification shows as unknown

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Platform : Website

Browser : Chrome

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Step 1: Filtering observations needing ID to older than a few months . To replicate, the buggy observation is Observed: Aug 22, 2021 · 5:14 PM MDT; Submitted:Aug 23, 2021 · 2:22 PM AEST

Step 2: I expect to find fully unidentified, ID withdrawn, placeholders with no matching entry in iNat, users opted out of community taxon without providing their identification.

Step 3: On a couple of occasions I found an observation with a valid ID but the observation is still unknown. If I enter my own input, it becomes something (I would ID this one as fungi including lichen and I expect it becomes “kingdom fungi”).

And so it happened - meanwhile another user added an identification, and it became kingdom fungi.

With the link provided in “step 1”, I tried to find more such issues: the number of comments and identifications is shown. But … all three observations with non-zero identifications I checked are from the categrory “users opted out of community taxon without providing their identification”. So no fresh example available…

Please don’t fix the observation until the bug has been checked.
Here is another one, found with the same identified=false filter:

Perhaps a reindexing problem.
Which will be resolved when someone adds the next whatever - forcing reindex.

The first obs is okay meanwhile.

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