2-in-1: 1) Open URLs in App, 2) "Share" button in App

I am trying to use the Android app to share an observation with someone, but there doesn’t apply there is any way to do this.

The app also doesn’t appear to allow users to open URLs for observations.

For Android users:

Could you please allow users to:

1a) tap on iNaturalist URL links > have the Android OS or Chrome or Firefox browsers ask whether the users wants to open the link in the iNaturalist app or the browser > user clicks on the iNaturalist app > the app opens the observation or project (or whatever it is).
[[I imagine it’s just a case of making the iNaturalist declare that it is capable of opening links from the www.iNaturalist.org domain name]]

1b) Paste iNaturalist URLs directly into the app somewhere, and have the app open the link within the app.

  1. Could you please create sharing buttons to allow app users to share observation and project URLs with each other? I would suggest a shortened URL for this purpose. Just now, I registered the iNaturali.st domain name specifically for this purpose, which I’m happy to donate as a gift to the site.

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Version 1.15.1 (build 386) supports opening observation URLs in the app. There is a sharing button in the upper right of the photo on the obs detail view in the Android app. We could probably use a more visible treatment, but it’s there.


Agreed, I think I’ll remember where it is now but I’ve forgotten a few times and it’s not always that obvious (depending on the photo).

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Both features requested are in the app. We’re working on a more visible share button, but it’s there.