App, follow links to*


I like to request an additional functionality in the app, to follow links in the note/comment field if they point to an other
Some People add links to other similar observations in the description/note or ID/comment fields.
The links on the website are active but in the app they are greyed out.
Maybe also search links could get some how activated in the app if they point to

Links should only work if they are internal, to avoid kind of spaming, and open in the app it self.

If one links in an observation to an other observation, the linked observation should open in the app, if clicked.
And if one links a search string for inaturalist, the search tab should open as specified in the search link.

The use would be if some one add notes about a similar observation on a app user could follow the link by clicking it if it points on a observation or an observation search link. Other sites should stay grayed out or open in a default webbrowser app if realy needed.

Thats all to this point.

you can browse the iNat site on a browser on your phone. I don’t think the app needs to be as full blown as the site is… it is more a field tool for making observations.


True… it would be nice but i also was secretly hoping it will not comsume ressources.
the idea to browse iNaturalist with a browser app in the phone is OK to me, better than a bloated app.

so i withdraw the request

you can leave the request active! This was just my thoughts, and it would be interesting to see opinions of others. Ultimately staff might decide they would like to do it because there is widespread support for it!

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