2020 Texas GLO Spring Beach Clean Up Cancelled

Hi, earlier in the month I made a topic on the Spring Clean-up this year and invited everyone to come. Unfortunately, we have received notice that it has been cancelled due to the Corona virus. I am very sorry, and depending on how it is going in the fall, I will let you know whether the Fall clean-up will be cancelled. Feel free to ask questions, I may or may not have an answer for you, but doesn’t hurt to try. :-) Hope you have a great day.


If your beaches are like ours you could easily walk the length and maintain 2m social distancing. Perhaps a website or facebook where people could upload photos of what they managed to collect while out walking? Of course, anyone doing that would have to dispose of the rubbish themselves, there would be no group coordination of the disposal of it.

I think we can look at the covid thing as a hindrance to us, or we can look for creative solutions that fit the new “parameters”. At the very least it can be an interesting exercise to explore “how else could we do this”, even if it doesn’t change the fact that it is cancelled. Just keep in mind the need to still meet any guidelines put in place by the health and government authorities.


Thank you, I will tell the coordinator about this idea. You are right and it will not change the fact that it is cancelled as that was official from Texas GLO, but it might cheer up a few people who don’t think it should be cancelled. We advertise an app called CleanSwell that you can upload how much trash you picked up and what it was so that the records and etc are a little more accurate. You should check it out.


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