Covid-19 and field work

Because of people gathering and not following the distancing rules, several places in my area where I normally go have been closed, and people who enter them will be fined as trespassers. Signs on the highway here say essential travel only. I am wondering if going out is still going to be an option, and whether we should be going out. I would like to know what other people on iNat think about the situation and what they are planning on doing.

This is going to be pretty specific to your area (and line of work, if relevant), so I’m not sure it’s a super useful place for it here on the international iNat forum. I suggest contacting your local authorities, as it may be illegal to go out for nonessential purposes, depending on where you live. In other areas going outside is just fine, as long as distance from others is maintained. But you need to check your local regulations.