2023 New Years Resolutions

I recognise your name, in a good way. That means either as as a trusted identifier who adds IDs. Or ditto who I can tag in to ask for an ID.

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I think my goal this year is to finally finish the backlog of photos from trips abroad. Honestly someone brought up the coluga to me and I was like “oh I’ve seen that” and when I went to get the link from iNat for them, realized there were a lot of other species from that trip I hadn’t uploaded.

Get out more. I used to hike once a week and go out looking for critters once a week (that way hiking was primarily hiking). I want to do that more again this year. And perhaps make trips to see lost critters that are fairly close by like the snowy owl in California.

I really should start helping with ID’s on here. People text me photos and ask what they are so why not do it here too.


I’ve been looking for something to turn my journals into books with the photos and this seems perfect for what I want to do. Thank you for the link!


Please do help with IDs. Even just looking at Unknowns and IDing them as Fungi or Plants is better than letting them languish unexamined.


Wow, amazing New year Resolutions, very inspiring.


  1. Post one observation a day (and try and do an Diversity of life Bingo) (Tag Project 365 2023) - also shared here
  2. Start posting old photographs (observations)
  3. Do a lot more identifications
  4. write more / say more (journal, blogs, video blogs etc) (This point Added later)

My efforts for others

  1. Mentor natural historians from rural Himalayas
  2. Raise funds for deserving but less privileged rural natural historians (as in 3)
  3. Be better at organising and following up events

A lot of us know you in real inaturalist life and we (for sure I) appreciate your thoughtful id’s. Thanks


May you be blessed with the eternal youth that only the young at heart and mind can achieve :-)


Like so many things, we may not notice when the taxonomy is correct and complete, but we notice when it’s wrong or with missing taxa! So this work is crucial to making iNaturalist run smoothly, and I’d like to add my thanks for the work you do on this.


Thank you ram_k!!! I never felt as old as my age since I turned 35! I remember when my mom was that age and she was old!!! We have 4 daughters and when I turned 40 my second oldest daughter (OB/GYN) said I was “half way to death.” I was surprised she said that and it wasn’t something I’d forget. So…. when she turned 40 last year, I repeated it right back to her!:smiling_imp: She didn’t say anything after I mentioned it. When she first told it to me, I said I’m going to live to 100! At the rate I’m going, I’ll be all bionic by then, with all my metal transplants.

So, what’s my key to feeling young? Don’t ever stop playing!!! I don’t mean sports and stuff, I mean to really play! Whenever I have a hose in my hand, watering or washing the car, everyone around me is fair game! Sing in the car! (When I was teaching our youngest daughter to drive, and our radio rule is “drivers choice” so she put on her music. I may not understand the songs yet I can keep a beat and I’d be sitting in the passenger side - dancing! The bouncing up and down would make the car wiggle around and everyone could tell! I can’t hold still when I hear a good drum beat!) Get yourself an adult coloring book and markers, mine is a Dr Seuss one! :rofl: Sing loudly in the car and you don’t even have to sing well! I even have been known to sing the wrong words to several songs! Playfully tease your significant other! Make up contests! Just like I did with the number of species you can get against another person. I was always checking my husbands account on his phone to mine. When I said that I have more plants, insects or spiders than he does, he said, “this isn’t a race or contest.” I replied back, “it is when I say it is!” I’ll never stop playing!!! Find humor in everything! It’s hard for me to remain serious, yet I know what it’s necessary to be quiet. I think adults need to play more, maybe that’s why there are grandchildren! They’ll keep you playing and with their endless amount of energy, they’ll keeping you going.


This is beautiful and inspiring.

And like you state, I too love “playing”


And, perhaps, we might all resolve to play more in 2023.:grinning:


I didn’t make any resolutions but ended up incidentally giving up reading all NZ news media as well as LinkedIn. Feels good to have purged that utter garbage from my life :slightly_smiling_face:


Now you have more time to play!

I’m only on 2 community forums like this. The other one is called “Wet Canvas” and it’s for all artists of different mediums. I’m mostly here and just peek in to see paintings of other artists I know. Maybe I need to paint more as I’m planning to paint pet portraits of all the dogs we’ve had. 6 so far, usually keeping 2 at a time.

Oh I forgot an Instagram account I have yet I haven’t posted anything there yet. :rofl: Definitely freeing yourself from internet stuff can help take a load of you! I never got into gadgets and computers weren’t even in my schools. The only time I worked on a computer in college, I was using the old “punch cards” yet someone else ran them for us! ”Yeh, I’m that prehistoric!” :woman_white_haired:t2:

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I must admit to operating an Instagram account, but it’s on behalf of the fur babies so it’s gloriously bereft of human drama.

I just added a new resolution to mine while reading in another thread in the forums:
create a new wikipedia-article about a species I have observed (and that is still missing on wiki) each month.
I love it but it takes quite some time and I always push it a bit… so I did not do it in w hile. Maybe the resolution helps.