504 gateway error when creating a new species

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Step 1: This is now twice in 3 days I’ve created a new species, had it loading for 5 mins after I press save, and then getting a 504 gateway error

Step 2: The first time, it seemed the species hadn’t been created, but then after 30 mins it appeared

Step 3: waiting to see if it appears after 30 mins again this time around

confirmed, species has been created now

Were these all at the same time-ish of day? I occasionally get short periods of 504 errors when editing taxa, but it works as expected a short while later

yeah, within 40 mins of each other

Just happened again. Time 11:56 BST
I’ll wait a while before trying again.

Again now, 10:25-10:45 UTC

Thanks for the dates/times - we’ve seen some performance issues at around that time. If it happens again please do share more dates and times here.

10:50 UTC - on creating a new taxon, oddly the name showed up under the parent, but clicking on the link then gave me the 404 ‘mole’ page
11:00 - 11:10 UTC - Filtering flags by taxon, can’t recall getting this error here before. Filtering content type works as expected

Does the server log 504’s? Surely that’d give a better picture than the posts here.

Both back working a expected after 11:20 UTC

10:28-11:16 UTC Editing and creating taxa returns 504


Mon 09 Aug 10:13-11:10 UTC worked ok a few mins before and during the previous hour
Tue 10 Aug 10:49-11:35 UTC