A bit of trouble with Daylight Saving Time

I just realized something very annoying. I’ve used 3 cameras in the past month and they have different times set. One was on the “correct” time, one was not, the third I’m not sure. That means some of my observations are in the wrong order and show the wrong time (an hour off). Should I carefully change each one to the correct time based on which camera I used, or just not worry about it? If I should change them, do you have any suggestions for keeping track of which were which? Thanks!

How necessary is the exact time in the records? I generally make sure the date is correct but the time seems less important.


I doubt it matters much, but I like to have everything perfect and having times mixed up like that really bothers me. It’s too disorganized.

The only time I’ve relied on the time associated with the photo is when I’ve been visiting multiple locations in a day. I will record in my field notes the start/stop times I visit each location, so I can make sure the photos are associated with the right place. There’s been a few field trips where I couldn’t remember at which place I photo’d a plant or habitat and the time then becomes important to figure that out.


It happens to me as well because I travel quite often and I’m not always in the same time zone. To be honest, when the time difference is just 1 h sometimes I don’t even bother to change it in my camera settings, I don’t think it makes any significant difference. But if the difference is 2 h or more then I change it because it can be important from the point of view of activity patterns of the organisms I observe (mostly reptiles).

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I would say that the only reason to fix the time difference is that it bothers you enough that it is worth your time to go through and edit everything. It won’t make any significant difference to the scientific worth of the observations.


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