Re: Edited Date/Time Not Saving Correctly

I don’t have a smart phone so I have to type in location, time observed, etc. and try to do batch editing on my computer. It’s a fight and can take a long time. I have five observations that don’t show the correct date when they were observed. I don’t have the exact date on my camera so the date (Jan.1 2023) from my camera showed up as the time when I observed them. ex.

Well I want to include them with the rest of the pictures I took for my project Oct 4 2023. Unfortunately Jan.1 2023 does not fall within the dates for the project so these five observations are left out. When I bring up the observation to edit the time observed it shows the correct date in the area to edit, but

still shows Jan.1 2023 when I save that info. How can I correct this so they will be included in my project? Also there are observations in the project where I typed in the right day and time, but when the website posted them to the project they skewed the time having me making them during the wrong time of the day. .

The correct date and time observed is Oct. 3 7:30-10:50AM. I could try deleting and redownloading the observations, but a couple have 2 IDs from other people and I’d probably lose those. I had this problem before, but don’t recall how I managed to edit it. I can live with the wrong time (although one person obviously knew I wasn’t finding these at night and made the suggestion that I edit the time- well yea).

Hope this works - spent 2 days trying to figure how to get images in post

I don’t know what is causing it per se, but my solution would be to delete the date from the observation then save it with no date. It should revert to Casual since it has no date.
Then come back in and add the correct date, but make sure you don’t sync the photo to the record. That seems like it should fix the problem?

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it looks like you have an invalid date and time. you seem to be trying to input a time range. you should probably just input a single point in time.