Update your camera's clock!

Just a heads-up to those who use a dedicated camera and are affected by daylight savings time changes. Take a moment to update your camera’s clock to reflect the new actual time. :smiley:


Good call! I remembered yesterday, luckily.

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Ha! Apparently I never changed it back to Standard last fall. Stupid time change.


Or not if it messes with GPS coordinate sync processing.

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Just about every program I’ve used to geotag my photos from a GPX track has an offset tool that works for this, if necessary. Or it just uses your computer’s current time zone by default.


Dark Table seems to be confused. The time zones don’t appear to mean what they say they mean so I stick with the settings I have that work. Date is always right. I’d strip off the time if I could. I don’t use time when manually adding date.

Thanks for the reminder, @tiwane! I wasn’t even thinking about it, which means that I would keep not thinking about it. :grin:

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I’ve been getotagging my Panama photos using DarkTable, now that I’m back in California, and what worked for me was to set the Geotagger to Panama time/New York time (-5:00 UTC).