A question about the casual grade rating of my observation (not wild)

Hi all,

I made an observation of a Canada Goose, which was grazing in a zoo (link observation). I made this observation because the goose did not belong there, it is not part of the bird collection in the zoo (link zoo), and it was grazing in a walibi pen. I did not know about the introduction of the Canada Goose in the Netherlands, now I do. But reading the page of the Dutch Bird Protection ngo, there are lots of wild Canada Goose pairs in the Netherlands (1200 pairs in 2000 and rapidly increasing in numbers according to the Dutch Bird Research (sovon.nl), descending from escaped ones. I thought wild invasive species should be ‘research grade’ like some turtles I found in a local park. Yet two people stated that the pictured goose is not wild. Who is right and what should I do when I am right and the goose is wild?

Thanks in advance for any answer, positive or negative.


If this goose was there of its own volition and not because humans intended it to be there, then I would use the Data Quality Assessment to vote that it was wild, and maybe add a comment noting that the goose was not captive, so that others who find the record understand the context.


Thanks for the quick reply! I did not know I could vote for wild/not wild myself, I mainly use the mobile app. Together with a comment with my motivation this should do.


Cool. FWIW, I know you’re using the iPhone app, but for any Android users who are reading this, you can use the Data Quality Assessment in the Android app by tapping the “Data Quality” section on the observation detail view. Not obvious, but it works.


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