Why is observation still "Casual"? with two species level IDs?

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website):
On PC, using Brave browser, my Desert Willow observation ( https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/181953362 ) displays as “Casual” even though there are two IDs, both in agreement, as well as decent pictures of the plant.

Problem: should display “Research” grade but instead is “Casual”

attempted screen capture (maybe this worked):

Why is it not research grade now?

If you look down at the base of the page under “Data Quality Assessment”, “Not wild” has been clicked, which makes it casual regardless of number of IDs.


Some non-native species in certain areas will automatically get flagged as not-wild by iNaturalist. If it is indeed wild, you will have to counter it with an Organism is Wild = Yes.