Creating places and importing that place into a new collection project

I have in, G earth, drawn a polygon around an area that I want to create a collection project for. I have exported the kml file and created the place with name etc. I have then created a collection project and selected the new place from "include Places"and when I than save the project I get message “No observation yet”. If I remove the place from project I have 3 observers, 57 observations that come up in the project which is what should be showing in the project when the place is in the project. Suggestions for what I’m doing incorrectly? thanks.

could you link to the project

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Hope this is what you meant by linking,
this is the project without the Place,
this is the project with place inserted

Did you mean for only observations on 9th March to be included?
(I guess you did, now I look at the heading of the project.)

Yes I did.

Then can you link to one of the observations that should be in the project, but isn’t? It may be something to do with the accuracy circles of the observations extending beyond the boundaries of the place.
Ignore this - it wasn’t the issue.

you only just created this place today; it takes a little while for observations to show up in newly created places. Wait a few hours, and they should show up

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That’s the answer, of course.
Just checked the place:
and it shows no observations. (at the moment).

Thanks, righto will wait a while.

Yes thank you patience was required. I have created places and projects in the past and don’t remember having to wait, but will do so in future.