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Hi All- A question: I’d like to catalogue all the trees in my neighborhood. Can this be done as a project? And if so, many of the trees are planted, and not naturally occurring. Is that OK? It wouldn’t be entirely logical, it seems to me, if we had to leave out all the red oaks and sycamores planted in people’s yards.

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If you want to be able to see only the trees in a certain area, you could just use the main Observations search page and apply some filters, e.g.:


Which is a messy URL that includes:

  • the latitude and longitude specifying the area of interest (zoom around and redo the search in the map, or create your own place)
  • a list ID for a list of tree and shrub species (you can make your own, the one I used as an example here is not perfect)
  • specifies verifiable=any, which will include planted specimens

and you could further show only your observations by adding your username in the filters. See also this tutorial on using search filters on iNat.

Or, you could create a “traditional” project and manually add every tree observation you want included to the project. More about managing projects here: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/managing-projects

It is totally fine to include trees that were planted, just be sure to mark them as captive/cultivated before you upload them to iNat (and of course you’ll need permission to go in people’s yards and such).


Or maybe add a tag to your specific obs. Then include the tag in the filter to only show those.

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Definitely not a problem. Just make sure your observations of planted trees are marked as captive/cultivated- this does categorize them under “casual” but that does not prevent you from including them in your projects, stats, spreadsheet exports, etc. I have a project collecting accurately measured trees that includes several captive/cultivated trees (like some Dawn Redwoods).


Fab!! A 1000 thanks.

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This is possible? Could you explain?

Just use the q=parameter.

For example I tag observations of mine that are ‘lifers’ although this definition is the 1st time I photodocument it, and it gets to research grade with the tag lifer

Then this url picks them up

No idea if it would work with multiple tags.

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