Collection project question

We want to create a collection project that includes observations in a certain area (three counties) but won’t automatically include ALL observations made in those counties by the group’s users. We want to add only those observations that the users identify as being in their yards. Is there a way to set it up so that it includes only those observations that are specifically added to the project by the user?
Thank you for any guidance you can provide,
Laurel Ladwig
(ABQbackyardrefuge, cncabq, pbgrebe)

Create a traditional project instead. It’s in the bottom of the page about setting projects.


Hi Laurel, welcome to iNaturalist and the iNat Forum. There isn’t a way to use a collection project to add observations manually, so you’ll need to create a traditional project instead. To learn more about collection vs. traditional projects, check out the Managing Projects page:


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