Accidental moth father

A hornworm I had formed a cocoon some time ago and so I kept it safe until it hatched. Now I’ve got this rather large moth here with me. Google says I can release it into the wild naturally and so this morning, I took the container upstairs and tried. It doesn’t seem to want to go? It just ended up crawling on my hand and staying there. I’m worried because google also said if it flies around in the container, it could damage it’s wings so that’s why I thought I should release it as soon as possible. Anyone know what I can do??


Welcome to the Forum! One way of avoiding the ‘attachment’ is to stick it in the fridge for a couple of hours to slow it down. Then when it is well chilled, take it outside and dump it out! I do this all the time - they come out of the container looking dead, but soon warm up and begin moving. After that, they are on their own. Chilling will also stop it from beating it’s wings against the container. A warning - do not freeze. Chilling to 5 C is sufficient, and most fridges don’t go much below that.


Thank you so much for your advice!!

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