Accuracy filter not accounted for in export

I had a quick look for similar topics but couldn’t find anything.

I want to create an export with a number of restrictions on date, taxonomic level, etc. One of these is only including observations with an accuracy of 1000m or finer. So in the explore screen, I tacked on &acc_below=1001 to my URL, giving me:

This link works perfectly and behaves as expected. However, when I click the filters box and choose ‘download’ to take me to the export screen, all of the parameters move across except the accuracy one. I didn’t notice this at first when I did the download last night, and only realised this morning when I opened the spreadsheet and it had way more observations in it than I expected.

The weird thing is that the URL for the export page does include the little snippet specifying the accuracy restriction, but it just doesn’t seem to be implementing it:

What I then noticed is that although the URL at the top of the page does indeed include that snippet, the box further down the page does not:

So I manually added &acc_below=1001 to that box, but it does nothing.

I assume this is not a bug, and that I’m probably just missing something obvious, but any thoughts?

Not all the search parameters are implemented in export. You might be able to get the devs to add it, but this is a pretty busy time of year for them.


ah damn, I assumed that everything in the explore URL would port over. Not a big deal, I can filter out afterwards, just means that the export takes a lot longer to complete in the first place

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