Add missing API filters to batch editing

I came across this issue because I wanted to check my own observations for which I’d neglected to add the location accuracy, and fix them. I’m happy with the API solution here ( BUT I can’t figure out a way to go from my observations that fit the ‘&acc=false’ filter to the batch editing mode. I could open every observation and edit each individually, but for many of them I know the accuracy was good and would happily batch edit them and add a small accuracy estimate, saving a lot of time.

This is a specific case, but I suspect there are other API filters that would be useful when finding one’s own observations that need batch editing.

This would be very useful. I’m fine with the batch edit form not having less commonly needed fields on the page, because clearly that would be more work to implement and benefit only a handful of users, but if we could only append the same search filters to the URL as we can in explore, that would be fantastic.

Specifically, I would like to be able to append &project_id=35074 to select all of my own observations in the Galls of North America project so that I can annotate them with the new Evidence of Presence: Gall annotation. Otherwise, I have to do all of them one by one, which is quite tedious.

@tiwane See also the feature request which you closed in Sep 2019. You said “we may not make any changes to the Edit Observations page until it’s totally revamped”, but I can’t find any open forum topic that discusses plans for the revamp of that page. Did I overlook something? Are there plans, and if so, is there any public discussion of those plans that you can link to?

i would address this using this method:, with this variation:

this general workflow can be adapted to handle other use cases, such as:

(… assuming the gall annotation can be added by adding an associated observation field)

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there currently are no mapped observation fields, but

Oof. You’re right. So even though I tested the approach described above to come up with a URL, the batch edit page itself has no way to add a gall evidence of presence. So unless something can be done with the (undocumented) POST endpoint (which I highly doubt), then we’re out of luck for this particular job.

I hope the ongoing discussion on auto-annotating based on project and/or various fields has a productive outcome, then.

Oh, if you’re willing to use the API, you can POST to