Active 'problem areas' for incoming identifications


I am sure a mod can better title this and edit as they see fit. Since it has been discussed, I figured I would start the topic as a central place to note current problem areas of large volumes of low quality records being submitted.

So I will start with the first one which is ongoing with a class submitting large numbers of human and cultivated records from Nevada today.


I dunno… 2124 pages of obs and only 3 pages of humans… and the obs look terrific as far as new users go…


That’s because they’ve all been moved to casual already. If I had made the search to the county, you would have seen all the planted stuff more clearly, the search on state was likely too broad.


If anyone wants to help, today it is Indianapolis, IN

Apparently the word of the day was abiotic because that’s what we call all the trashcans, cars, signs, electrical equipment and litter we put into iNaturalist.


Hmmmm… I’ll see how I can help!

I like having a forum where we can communicate problem areas. Great idea @cmcheatle!