Can't include observation in the project


I am preparing the upcoming BioBlitz in my campus at the end of February. This is the project link: [] and i haven’t changed the observed dates yet into exact dates because i am doing simulation to upload observation.

I have question related with ‘add observation into projects’ through android app 01|250x500 , even though the information is correct, i can’t click the project i want, while for a friend, she is also can’t add her observation to the project no matter how many times she clicked it. However everything is going well through laptop. is there any advice about this?

Thank you

When this happened to me it was because the observation in question had too great an “accuracy” number, meaning that the margin of error for the location exceeded the borders of the project. We fixed it by manually editing the location of the observation–a very unsatisfying solution, but since they were important observations we considered it worthwhile.


When iNat observations meet the criteria of the project, they are automatically included in the project results. You will probably want to remove the Taxa filters from your criteria because you are currently preventing things like fungi from appearing in the results.

There is no need to manually add observations to a collection project.

Can you provide an example observation that meets your project requirements but isn’t showing up in the results? Thanks!


Hi @roktaviani! It was good to meet you in Singapore. @bouteloua is correct in that you can’t add manually observations to a collection project. I don’t think we make this clear in the Android app, but the iOS app shows this:

Which maybe makes it more clear? Would it be helpful to have some sort of similar text in the Android app?

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Dear all,

Thank you for the advice!

Jef I’ll make sure to check the accuracy again in the observation.

@bouteloua Ok, i’ll check it and remove the taxa filters. This is the example of observation that didn’t showed up in the collection project: [], however i just edited the location (even though it’s in the same point) and it showed up in the project!

Hi @tiwane ! It was nice to meet you in Singapore as well! I learnt a lot! yes please, is it possible to add similar text in Android app? It would be helpful.

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