Can join project, have relevant observations, but observations don't show up in it under most circumstances

Mac using Ventura (13.6), using Firefox

Project involved:

I joined this project using my personal account. My personal account shows up as a member of this project, but my observations that meet the project criteria do not not show up on the main page – only one observer’s observations show up in the project (and they’re not mine).

When I click “View Yours,” under observations or species, my observations meeting the criteria of the project do show up:

But even when I reload the project page, it looks like I did not contribute any observations to the project. (A screenshot would be identical to the first one in this message).

What is your personal account? It may be hard to diagnose the issue due to observations being obscured - one issue could be observations meeting the location requirements.

Perhaps because your user account, although a member of the project, is not in the list of users in the project rules?

Instead of listing users, perhaps you should just say “Project members”?

Thanks for replying.

I am the one who set the location requirements so I know that they include the area where I was when I made my observations. Also, the one project member whose observations are visible was at the same location at the same time as I was, yet their observations show up. . .

Thanks. I checked the project rules, since I’m the one who set up the project. Anyone who joined the project should be able to have their observations show up. It’s still not showing my observations.

I have also loaded the project in Chrome and it’s doing something weird, but slightly different from the issue I had with Firefox earlier.

Here you can see that the observations that are shown are from two different users (mycomagus and scharf – I’m scharf) but only mycomagus’ observations apparently count towards the project.

When I click on “View All” under “Most Species,” though, both of us are listed.