Add a help button to the Add Observations page to explain non obvious interfacing (drag-and-drop, keyboard combinations)

Platform: Web


The feature:
Just a help button that, when clicked, pops-up a message explaining non obvious interface functions, i.e. those that are not visible - mouse dragging and keyboard combinations and shortcuts. Something like this (note the blue question mark button, a somewhat standard button for interface help, and the black pop-up message):

Why it is needed:
There’s no obvious way to combine relevant photos into a single observation (except perhaps the Select All->Combine which includes two steps and is limited compared to dragging). This has resulted in a multitude of superfluous observations. Everyone that has done some identification or browsing knows how often photos of single specimens are posted as separate observations. In almost all cases they have been posted via the website.
When asking people to combine or in other discussions, I’ve heard (paraphrased by memory):
“I tried to put them in one observation but couldn’t do it”
“I didn’t know I could drag them”
“Oh, that multiple selection is cool, I didn’t know about it!”
Even a tutorial has been created to deal with the multitude of such observations:

This simple help button should reduce the number of such superfluous observations, reduce the frustration of users and make their editing more informed and efficient - by providing a visible help button to explain the invisible.

I like this, I aim for unknowns when I do my IDs and see this constantly and almost always is lack of onboarding information that you don’t have to go digging for. Especially when only using the phone app- this would be extremely useful for multiple things that could potentially improve onboarding. In my case, I had a very small data plan and very limited wifi access when I first got the app and couldn’t read everything that would have helped, popups/help buttons would have made a big difference with my own usage of the site and I’m sure I’m not the only one that is in the same position. I also find that so many people don’t take the time to read regardless, having this in place could save a lot of time for many people in my opinion.