Indicate presence of comments on Identify page thumbnails

As an example of how it is a problem, when a user uploads an observation with multiple photos, all of different species, the first to identify will often give the first photo species as the ID and leave a comment that the observer should split the observation into multiple observations. A second identifier that views the Identify thumbnails page sees the first photo and chooses the “agree” button, making the observation Research Grade.

Another example is where a duplicate observation is uploaded: first identifier comments that it is a duplicate of the other observation, even going to the effort of copy and pasting of the url and saying “keep this one” and “delete this one”, adds an ID to the “keeper”, and then other well meaning identifiers working off the thumbnails Identify page add IDs to the “delete-worthy” observation and/or choose Agree, making the Research Grade. It often ends up confusing the new members greatly!

Even if there was an icon showing that there are comments on the observation, and if it was right by the Agree button, then it might prompt identifiers to investigate!

I think it would be good if the Agree button on the thumbnails didn’t appear if there were comments… so that Agreeing could only happen on the identify panel or through the observation view directly, which would mean they can’t Agree without seeing the current comments…

The topic title should be the feature/change you’re requesting, ideally with an action verb. I changed this one up, but please modify if it doesn’t match what you’re looking for.

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Where is this page? Could you post a link to one? I never heard of it, if it’s different from the Identify tool.


Just the main Identify page.

Like this:


Thank you. This explains quite a bit. I usually wait to give the observer a chance to correct duplicate photos or observations with different organisms, but now that I understand this method of identifying where the information and photos are not viewed, it makes more sense to get the observation into the “casual” category sooner rather than later.


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Thanks for the graphic, Cassi… explains far better than my confusing wording!

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Thanks @kueda!

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