Add a link to Seek on the default "Help" page section that compares Seek and iNat

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other: web

URLs (aka web addresses) of any pages, if relevant:

Description of need:
Please add a link in this section that connects to the Seek help page (

Feature request details:
I was looking for the link to the Seek help page and finally found it in the Teacher’s Guide but I thought it would be nice to include it here for users who don’t know how else to find it.

I approved this request, but I want to be clear that links in Seek only work if the user is logged in to their iNaturalist account. In order to be listed as appropriate for kids, Google and Apple are pretty stringent about anything that takes you out of the app.

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I wasn’t asking for a link to be added to Seek, just that a link to the Seek help page be added to the help landing page section that discusses Seek.

Ah, sorry about that. The Seek User Guide on that page already contains a comparison of the apps as well as detailed instructions for using Seek. isn’t a Seek help page, it’s just an FAQ on the main iNat Help page.

Yes, but there is no link to the Seek help page or any other information about where to find Seek. Could you just add a link to the Seek help page so that if someone reads that section, and they want to use Seek, they can click on a link to go to the Seek help page?


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