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On Android iNaturalist app version 1.29.2 (latest at the time of writing) it is possible to go to My Observatons → Species → Select one and info from Wikipedia are displayed here.

The annoying bit is that the description will end after about 10 lines with three dots (…) and says (Source Wikipedia) but wihtout a link to read the full description.

In Seek there is a link to it and in iNaturalist website there is a link to it too.

Is it possible to add a link as well on the Android app?

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Welcome to the forum! I have also wanted to be able to do this. Not sure how much work is going into the app right now with the developers working on the new app instead.

Interesting… I thought Seek was a new app but for a different audience (people less interested in sharing observations).

I didn’t realise that seek was a replacement to iNaturalist.

But to be honest, I’ve just started using these 2 apps yesterday for the very first time.

I sent an email to the support team… let’s see what they reply.

I think this is sort of how it works. I think of Seek as a kid-friendly version of iNat, but maybe that’s not correct.

It’s not. I was referring to the new iNat app.

Yes, Seek is definitely seen as a complement to iNat and not a replacement, and is in part intended to allow for those younger than 13 to still be active with iNat in a way.

The capabilities differ quite a bit with Seek being much more limited, though it can also work offline. But for most advanced functionality, users will want to go beyond seek and use one of the iNat apps, and most likely the website for all iNat features.

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(I’m replying to you here rather than via help@inaturalist.org)

In both the Android and iOS versions of the iNaturalist app (not Seek) there are no links to Wikipedia on the taxon page but there are links to the taxon page on the iNaturalist website, where you’ll see the full Wikipedia article if it exists. Scroll to the bottom of any taxon page in the app and you’ll see the button.

We won’t be adding a separate link to Wikipedia in the iNaturalist apps.

Oh i didn’t realize about the “more info” link at the bottom… That’s great!

It’s a bit of a shame to not have a link to Wikipedia itself. It could open as a deep link on a browser and for those who have wikipedia app installed will open that instead… which could have dark mode option too and it’s more mobile friendly.

But the iNaturalist web page displays quite well on my mobile phone so i don’t care that much.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Kind regards

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