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I’ve been trying help a guy who had a lot of observations in Casual due to not having a location. However, it has the name of the location under where the map should be, but still says missing location. He uses a computer, and types the location name, but for some reason it’s not coming up. Any suggestions for what could be going on? I’m out, and he’s getting discouraged.

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Sounds like he’s typing in a location name but not selecting it from the dropdown, or the location can’t be found in the list of locations ?

But that typically doesn’t save the location name you’ve typed in.

I upload photos from my old camera, which doesn’t do GPS. When I’m creating my observation and adding information to the uploaded photos, I just do a search for where I was using Google Maps, zoom in and click the spot, and then I copy the coordinates and paste them into iNat’s location info window. That’s way, I get pretty exact locations and it doesn’t matter whether iNat has a general listing for that place or not.


Maybe he needs to change what location name(s) he’s using to allow the Google map in iNat to provide something that he can select. I often use a general location, select that, then zoom in on the map to place the dot where I want it. Otherwise it sounds like some error in the way he’s doing it.

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If you’re on the Edit Observation page, it is possible to type in the “Where were you?” box and save the text without getting a coordinate location.

The solution is to click Search, or to place a marker directly on the map without using the text box.


I’ll contact him and see if that works. Thanks

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