Add additional names to the same Place

Some locations were created using weird or unusual names … sometimes the names are ok, but not in a language i speak.

An example: I finally found a place that is largely equivalent to “Lesser Antilles”. It seems it has been around for a while, but i couldnt find it, because it is called “Eastern Caribbean”. Other users that search for “Lesser Antilles” might face the same problem. I would therefore think it might be great, if a search for “Lesser Antilles” in the place field, would come up with the existing place “Eastern Caribbean”.

And as my “ceterum censeo” i have to add, the locations “Greater Antilles” and “West Indies” are urgently needed.

Yes, as I advocated here ( Places should have the ability to add multiple names and associate those names with a language, the same way that common names are handled for taxa.


jdjohnson … that might be a second good idea … however the place names of my example “Lesser Antilles” and “Eastern Caribbean” are both English.

All i suggest here is a function like the “foreward pages” in wikipedia. No matter what i search in wikipedia “Lady Bug”, “Ladybird”, “Ladybug”, or “Lady beetle” … i always end up on the page “Coccinellidae”.

ceterum censeo the locations “Greater Antilles” and “West Indies” are urgently needed.

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That’s essentially how @jdjohnson’s suggestion would end up working if implemented, so I think everyone’s on the same page here.


In the taxon common names there can be multiple names for any language. For instance, the genus Lupinus is called both Lupines and bluebonnets in English and searching for either will take you to that taxon page.