Why can't a place be added to an existing common name?

Some taxa have multiple common names for a lexicon, but don’t have seem to have any places attached to them. For example, Adelphocoris lineolatus has “Alfalfa Plant Bug” and “Lucerne Bug” listed as English common names. The former is the North American name, whereas the latter is mainly used in the UK and other english-speaking countries. However, even though I have the UK prioritised in my account settings, I still see “Alfalfa Plant Bug” shown everywhere as the common name for this insect.

If “Lucerne Bug” wasn’t already listed, I could just add it as an ordinary user and specify the UK for the place. But when the name is already being squatted on in this fashion, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious way to fix it. If I try to add the name again with a specific place, it just produces the error “Name already exists for this taxon in this lexicon”.

Why is this? Does it it really require a curator to fix something so trivial? Note that I’m not trying to change the priority of the common names here. I’m just trying to assign an appropriate place to a name.

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Changes to existing common names for cases where you are not the person who entered it or a curator were turned off because there were simply too many edit wars going on. In some cases, the regional use settings were being overwritten, more often those involved in the edit wars would simply delete the names they did not support.

I set Lucerne Bug to be used in GB and IE. The species is not found in AU, NZ, ZA or IN.

I think it is called Alfalfa Plant Bug in CA, at least that is what I know it as, but if other Canadians suggest that is wrong, please confirm.

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Ah, okay - I guessed that might have something to do with it.

Thanks. I was just going to flag it, but then I wondered why that was really necessary.

I suppose the real problem is how the names get added in the first place. If several are added at once without specifying a place, it effectively squats on the non-default ones and prevents anyone else from using them.

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