Add Annotations (Stage) to a selection of observations

Hello everyone! :grinning:

Something I find fantastic about iNaturalist is the phenological graphs of species by stage (filterable by location).
Example with Calliteara pudibunda

Unfortunately, many observers don’t specify this “easy” information (I don’t blame them, I sometimes forget too :wink:).

I’ve discovered that you can use the “identify” menu to filter out observations of a species that do NOT have the stage annotation :

But to add the stage to each observation, you have to open the records one by one, which is very tedious…

In the example below, 8 larvae and 2 adults:

It would be so much more practical to be able to assign this annotation directly from a selection.

Before making a suggestion in the dedicated section, I’m posting this message to see if I’ve missed a feature!

Thank you for your feedback

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See this tutorial: You can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly annoate observations on the Identify page.

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Thank you for your valuable advice, @tiwane :+1:
The keyboard shortcuts are very effective, and what I’ve just discovered is that I can switch from one observation to another while remaining in the Annotations tab.

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