Add keyboard shortcuts for annotations in Identify mode.

One thing that can greatly improve the quality of data on iNaturalist is in the annotation section of an observation. This is where you can enter an organisms sex or life stage. However, it is simply not very efficient to have to click on the annotations tab and then select it every observation you go through. I would be much more willing to enter this data if it just required a touch of the keyboard instead of taking a few seconds, and as a result of the slow process, I think we are losing out on a lot of valuable data.

TAB + :arrow_right: + :arrow_right: to get to the Annotations tab, then ? to bring up the keyboard shortcuts menu to see what key combinations add the different annotations. Usually I separate annotation from identification and just stay in the Annotations tab when I’m doing that.


Not quite as simple as I would like, but thanks for the tip! Good solution for the time being.

if making system changes is on the table, i think this is the best way to approach this:

Yes, I would say I usually do annotating only when I annotate, and try to make it as simple as possible, eg only going through a certain taxon, like Lepidoptera.