Add coloured bullets to show quickly on which continent a taxon is found

I really do appreciate this website for buprestid beetles which has tiny coloured bullets to show colourfully and quickly which continent(s) a taxon is found on.

Could iNat adopt something like this , at least for some orders. Would it slow down the system significantly ? Perhaps something like this could be switched on for those who want it.

Could this feature for iNat be considered please ?

Tony Benn (aka Botswanabugs)

there is an app for that - Seen Nearby. Made by Eric Johnson on the iNat forum. Have been using it since it was created.

Isn’t that only for the Computer Vision dropdown?

Either way, the map tab on a species page is suitable for this request.

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As with many other problems adding it means we already have all the info about taxa, but in fact we mostly don’t, so populating it will be very difficult and ofte isleading, if we add one continent but not the other. I think it’s a good call, but we should start with well known groups as vertebrates.

No, I meant that the already existing data in the map tab. Of course, adding data that isn’t already present due to observations is risky.

It could work with species/taxa that have complete atlaces!

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This could be solved by 2 minor tweaks to the existing setup

  • if a taxa is listed on a continental checklist, highlight the continent in colour on the map tab, right now nation is the lowest level of breakdown which is mapped
  • make a minor change to the Establishment Means section on the Status tab so that all entries on a checklist display, versus the current configuration of only showing entries where the Establishment Means is populated. Right now it’s not even good enough to get onto a checklist, this has to be entered. Perhaps rename it something like ‘Distribution’.

As has been discussed on other threads on the forum, please try and stay away from colour coding solutions, they are useless for users like me who are colour blind.

So long as you use other observation or specimen based resources, GBIF being a key one but there are plenty of others, it’s fine to add distribution not supported by iNat observations.

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