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I want to search on conservation status for all records in a project. Is there a way to do this other than use the API (which is beyond my abilities)? It seems like something that would be needed regularly.

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If you go the “view all”, then to “search” you can click the “filters” box in the upper right and check the “threatened” field. That’ll only show you observations with the conservation status “Near Threatened” and on up.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way to be more selective from there though.


Thank you very much for your suggestion earthknight. When I search by clicking on the threatened box I retrieved over 7500 observations. The CSV however does not include a conservation status column so it is not possible to know which category each observation falls into. Any ideas?

If the conservation status isn’t included on the CSV I don’t know of any easy to incorporate it. I’d probably wind up adding that in manually in blocks and driving my self slightly crazy. That wouldn’t be as difficult as it sounds as you could sort by species and fill in the status for each observation of a particular species all at once. Still takes a bit of time though.

This might be worthy of a Feature Request, as it would be a useful bit of information to include for those of us using this data to assist conservation efforts.

Thank you for your suggestion earthknight. I can work with that. I really like your suggestion of making it a feature request. I’ll do that. All the best, Mark

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