Add field for Wikidata ID

I would like to add Wikidata IDs to taxons/taxa.

You can add a link on the taxa page under the about page for that.

Alternatively if there is a Wikipedia article typically it has the references box at tbe bottom and if you fill it in at Wikidata it will show there

@tobiasschnberg - like here as an example

All users can add these and it is more flexible than a dedicated field as it supports any external link.

Yeah, this seems a bit redundant, since Wikidata is already collecting and associating iNaturalist IDs. iNaturalist/iNat users shouldn’t have to spend time making that link again. A more efficient solution would be to incorporate something like the taxonbar automatically on every page.

For those who want to add this to a Wikipedia page, and dont want to try and read up or find how to do it, it is added to a species page by adding the following at the bottom of the page.


Where Qxxxxxxx represents the page identifier for the species from Wikidata (for example Q333796 is the Wikidata page for Great Blue Heron

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