Include links to external sites on taxon pages

For many groups of organisms, there is an external website that has an information page for every species. It would be helpful to include links to these external resources on the taxon pages. Most taxon pages now seem to try to pull content for the “About” tab from EOL, but there is often very little or nothing there. This would provide links to actual information.

For instance, has a page for every known species of fish. Amphibian Species of the World has a page for every amphibian species. Looking at the list of authoritative sources on the Curator’s Guide page, many of them include such pages.

Go to a taxon page, e.g., click the “About” tab, and click “Add Link” under the “More Info” heading on the right. For sites like FishBase that have URLs based on a scientific name, you can add a taxon link to a higher-level taxon like Actinopterygii and use a template like[GENUS]-[SPECIES].html


Wow, that was easy. I had no idea that the facility existed for any curator to set these up. And it’s possible to have such links only apply to certain geographic areas, so for instance BugGuide, which only covers North America, could be used on insects with that geographic filter.

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Yeah, but you can’t really do it for BugGuide b/c they don’t have name-based URLs unless you count something like IMO, Wikidata and Wikipedia have done a pretty great job curating and maintaining crosswalks of identifiers for different species on different sites, so the links at the bottom of the Wikipedia content are often the most useful way to get to pages on other sites about the same taxon (including FishBase).

And for the record, while it’s not obvious, iNat also supports name-based URLs like this, e.g.


Shall we close this request?


I think so… anyone wanting it re-opened could request it in a DM to you :)