Wikidata/Wikipedia link for taxon page About tab no longer working

Platform: any? can’t remember where all it applies, e.g. Android too? or only web?

Description of problem: When the iNaturalist taxon ID and Wikipedia article link are connected via Wikidata, the iNaturalist taxon page should automatically display the correct Wikipedia page for each language. This feature was implemented in November 2020.

It’s currently not making that link correctly, and seems to be only searching for the taxon name or whatever is entered under “Wikipedia title” on the taxon edit page, as it used to.

This causes issues when the main Wikipedia article with that name is not about the taxon, for example.


What the About tab for Garifuna currently shows (incorrect):

Everything is linked up correctly via Wikidata:

Taxon edit page:

Heterotis taxon page in Spanish:

Heterotis edit taxon page settings: