Add filter/search within Atlases homepage

There are currently 125 pages of atlases with out of range observations. I would like minimally to be able to filter by iconic taxa, but a more advanced filter/search would be even nicer. (Suggestions welcome.)

It would seem to be quite a quick win to add a basic filter or search capability for atlases. I appreciate that there are longer term efforts around notifications and range data that may go beyond this, but having some search capability would make a big difference in the meantime.

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I can imagine some helpful filter criteria for Atlases being:

  • Taxon (or descendants) with atlases
  • Taxon (or descendants) with atlases to exclude from filter results
  • Atlas Place included / not included in atlas
  • Atlas Place child(ren) included / not included in atlas
  • Data out of Range exist? (yes / no / any)
  • Taxon (up to Family?) descendants without atlases (result: list of “create taxon atlas” links)
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While these are all interesting and good ideas, I would like to know where the site is leaning towards in terms of what to use for the propsed integration of geographic intelligence in the computer vision, and focus devlopment on that area.

If it is atlases, great, if it is checklists, focus there, if it is range maps, focus there.


I’ll second that motion also!

nice ideas- I kicked this off with a very basic set of filters that we can expand on later. Will be live on the next deploy (end of today or tomorrow)


ok this is deployed


Thanks for this!

I’m finding quite a few observations that are “out of range” because their accuracy is too large. For example, this one, where I assume the observer drew a circle around all of Sri Lanka, but the obscuring algorithm put the pin in the ocean.

The last post on the github was April 2018, are there any newer implementation plans?

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