Add info on scale indicator in the teacher guide

This doesn’t come up often and usually seems to happen with the college crowd so the teacher’s guide might not be 100% the right place, but under that Useful Photos section, could someone add some text about how best to add a scale indicator that is not a legible official ID? That is bad online practice though I appreciate the thought.

Super jealous of those tennessee? arboretum cards but we can’t all get those and it would be nice to have useful but less risky options provided for folks. Might also be something useful for the phone focus issues.


(This doesn’t require adding/editing functionality on iNat so I moved it from Feature Requests to General.)

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no worries. does require inat staff. not sure there’s a great place to put questions about the help section.

It actually doesn’t require staff - any iNat curator can edit that page. If you’d like to draft up some text we can add it in.

ah, did not know that.

i am not sure what to suggest as a good positive tip on the plants side, probably a lined notepad would be okay. was thinking about it again after today’s twitter thread that brought up ferpa and projects for class, though.


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