Add "News" tab to the website and add something to show journal post from people you are following on the app and on the site

Here is what I mean:

I know about

( but I would like something else too just show journal posts from only the projects that you have joined. And maybe something else too to show stuff by people you are following. Can you add that in the app and here?

I could have sworn the website had a link to the blog but I’m not seeing it just now. Maybe because I am on a phone browser.


You can get to the blog from any blog post, which are often side features on the dashboard.

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Often, but not continuously, I guess, because it’s not there now.

The link to the iNat blog is in the website footer.

The proposed News tab would show you project journal posts too. I think it would be nice if it showed journal posts by people you’re following too. Android currently just shows the iNat blog and project journal posts.


Yes I agree that would be a nice feature. I will vote.

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I think they time out after a few days.

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I have more projects I am in. The reason they are not in the picture is because I logout of my account so I am not making ads for them.

I will add that.