My dashboard is completely lacking posts from any projects

One of our project (“Flora of Russia”, members reported that he can’t see any posts from our journal in his dashboard. I tried to investigate an issue and also noticed that I see no posts from any projects in my dashboard (web).

In the app (Android), the third dashboard of the activity section (news) which was full of project posts couple months ago now contains only posts from the iNaturalist blog. Please, see two screenshots (one was made in mid-October and the second one just couple minutes ago).

App for Android & Website

App version number: 1.25.7 (522)

Screenshots of what you are seeing:


I can’t give a fix for this issue, but I have to say that Journal posts, their promotion and co-ordination between users on iNat needs ALOT more work done

I have seen many threads on the issue, but at the end of the day, it comes down to what iNat’s priorities are

Yes, journal posts aren’t a high priority for development but they are on the radar of devs:

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Just to clarify an issue since we made a short internal investigation - at least two project members get all journal updates in their dashboards, but the majority see nothing unless they are explicitly tagged. So, I think this is clearly a bug of an algorithm.

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I’ve noticed the same thing.
The problem looks to be with the /posts/get_posts_for_user API call. For me, it returns the same data if I call it authenticated as me, as if I make an unauthenticated request. This means I just see the official blog posts and no project posts in my Andriod app as I used to.

I can’t see any obvious recent changes to the code that would have caused this issue.

My site is set to - I wonder if setting your site to something other than has anything to do with it?

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Made a bug report here:

EDIT I was just notified of the two test project journal posts on my dashboard on the web (there’s some caching going on there). But they don’t show up in the apps.


This has been fixed.